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The Final Few


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This piece combines bone, turquoise, and glass beads, with a suede tassel. Because each is handmade, the design varies slightly by necklace. 

About Auburn: 

Auburn was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of two and a half.

At the age of 4, Auburn had a lobe of her lung removed because it was  completely infected from years of pneumonia.  When she was 6, she had most of her large intestine removed due to a blockage. This is common with those with CF because the mucus in the body interferes with how food is digested. At age 12, Auburn had another lobe of her lung removed, again due to infections.

Auburn spent 1-2 months a year on IV antibiotics, sometimes in the hospital for weeks at a time. She has had over 12 sinus surgeries as well as permanent port-a-caths placed in her chest for easy antibiotic access.

Through all of this, Auburn graduated college with a psychology degree and minors in public health and gender studies. She also married a man who was more than ready to battle life with her, a man who makes her live life to the fullest.

It was at 25 that Auburn started really going down hill, her lung function was wavering at around 19%. This is when the option of lung transplant was brought up by her pulmonologist.  May 2016, Auburn went to Duke to start her lung transplant evaluation. They decided she was a perfect candidate and mandated we move to Durham in August.

October 24, 2016 Auburn received the call for her lifesaving miracle. A beautiful pair of lungs. After 8 hours of surgery and the selfless act of her donor, Auburn was able to take her first full breath in years.  Within 24 hours she was walking laps around the hospital halls, something she couldn't do a mere days before without oxygen and breaks.

Auburn is now breathing at 93% lung capacity. But, she still has cystic fibrosis. She goes for monthly sinus clean outs, and still had to take pills with each meal to help with digestion. Transplant is not a cure, with it brings a whole other deal of issues. She takes over 60 pills a day and just finished treatment for mild rejection. She's been given a second chance, but not a guarantee.

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